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SERVICES:   ACT! Database Management


ACT! Database Management allows our clients to step away from the day-to-day management of the ACT! database.  HBS services include sending promotional or informational e-mail to your contacts; electronic or hard copy newsletters & announcements, computer faxing, hard copy mail merges, importing/exporting contacts, general marketing, Web site management and just about anything relating to your contact data or computer network.


HBS will manage your database either by connecting to your system or by having a copy of the database at our office.  We synchronize changed data back and forth between your native database and our remote copy.  We can import lists of contacts, create additional fields, design custom templates for mail merging, send your contacts HTML e-mail messages that look like your Web site and just about any function you wish to assign to us.


If you have a regular newsletter that needs to go out, we can provide design and editing services as well as manage the e-mail or hard copy mail out.  Just send us your copy and we'll put it all together and send your newsletter out electronically or produce hard copy representations for mailing.


Many clients are now looking to place their contact information on their Web site.  We have several systems that can accomplish this task either publishing contact information from your native database to a Web representation or placing a duplicate database on a Web site that updates your native database on your office system.  This is ideal for accepting online reservations, job applicant information and updating membership information.


Let us know what is on your wish-list and we'll make it happen.  (Back to Services)



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